Vrukounta (distance 9 km)

Ancient settlement where ancestors of Olympians used to live. The settled in  Olympos in order  to protect themselves from the Arabian Pirates.



Avlona (distance 8 km)

Αgricultural settlement, with stables  for Olympos Residents to be near pastures.

Access at Diafani (boat – port)

Airport – distance 60km. Daily Routes to the capital of the island with a boat.

Diafani is the second largest port of the Greek island of Karpathos and it is located in the northeast of the island, 70 kilometers (43 mi) from the capital of Pigadia. Diafani is a traditional fishing village that is accessible by road through the villages of Aperi and Spoa. You can also travel to Diafani, daily, by boat from Pigadi. During summer these boats are filled with tourists who want to visit the mountain village of Olympos. Diafani is the seaside resort and supply port of the mountain village of Olympos.


Olympos (distance 7,7 km)

The most traditional settlement of Karpathos Island where women are still wearing their tradional uniforms (cavai) and the customs are passed unchanged from generation to generation. In village center dominates the Byzantine Church “Koimisis of Theotokou” built in 15th century. Celebrating at August 15th, is the biggest festival of the village. People come from all over the world.

In antiquity in this place there was the Doric city Vrykous or Vrycous. Vrykous was one of the three ancient cities of Karpathos. It was located near the village Avlona. Today a small part of the city and the walls are preserved as well as some ruins from graves and three old Christian churches.The city of Vrykous was kept until the 7th or 8th century. Then the residents sought refuge in more mountainous areas on account of Saracen pirates. The refugees from Vrykous founded Olympos possibly in those years. Olympos was named after the mountain where it is built. The name of the village is feminine (Η Όλυμπος/I Olympos) contrary to the name of the mountain that is masculine (Ό Όλυμπος/O Olympos). The name Elympos (Έλυμπος) is used, mainly by local villagers. The villagers of Olympos kept the local dialect and the traditional costume due to the isolation of this place from the rest of Karpathos. The traditional style of the village attracts many tourists nowadays.


Saria (access only through sea)

A little island north of Karpathos (people use it as pasture ). Wonderful beaches! Daily Routes

It is a rocky, volcanic island along the northern edge of Karpathos, separated from it by a strait 100 m (330 ft) wide. It is part of the Dodekanissos archipelago.

Administratively, it is part of the community of Olympos. The 2011 census reported a resident population of 45 persons. It has little plant or animal life, and has a number of sharp cliffs. Although only shepherds live on Saria now, the ruins of the ancient city of Nisyros can be found here. It is also a breeding area for Eleonora’s falcons.

Although the name is subject to dispute, scholars link it with the name of an ancient Greek Princess named Katherine from a line of Saria royalty. Greek legends say she was as beautiful as Helen of Troy and so they named an Island after her majesty. On the island of Saria, it is recorded history that a kingdom existed named Mikri Nisyros.




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